Pastor’s Greeting

20160524_123I have been involved with Southminster Presbyterian Church since the fall of 2008. I have found our church family to be loving and engaging Christians.

Each week we join together to worship our Lord Jesus Christ, and each week we go out into the world to share the blessings we have received from God. God makes a difference in our lives. And God’s goodness needs to be shared not only at home and at work, but here in DuPage County and in the larger world. We minister both locally and globally.

We are a church family with a variety of people: young and old, single and married, well off and less comfortable. Some of us are from other countries and continents. Everyone is welcome.

We are Presbyterian. That means that lay people and lay involvement are very important. I am not the center of the church. Christ is, and calls all of us to service and to gracious relationships. We are inclusive. That means women and men hold places on all our governing boards, (Session and Deacons).

Being Presbyterian also means that scripture is important. The Presbyterian Church came out of the Protestant Reformation. We say we are “Reformed and always reforming, according to the Word of God.” We engage both our minds and our hearts. We grow and change together, listening to each other and caring for each other

Come visit us! If you want to come during the week to see the place or talk to me, I work Tuesdays through Friday. You are, of course, welcome any Sunday. Take a look at our calendar to see if there is anything you want to see or do at any other time. Take it from here.

Love, Wendy

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