It is with great joy that Southminster Presbyterian Church baptizes both children and adults. Baptism is an initiation into the Household of Faith; through baptism a person becomes a member of the Body of Christ. As such, baptism is a significant milestone that marks our identity as Christians. Parent(s)* seeking baptism for their child or infant shall be members of Southminster Presbyterian Church or of another Christian church. As members of the church family we undertake the responsibility of supporting those we baptize in their education and nurture in the Christian faith.

All interested in receiving the holy sacrament of baptism will meet with the pastor. The next step will be to meet with Session (the governing body of Southminster Church).** The purpose of these meetings is to welcome you into the covenant Church family in a personal way. Our desire is to acquaint you with what God is doing through the act of baptism.

* or one(s) rightly exercising parental authority.
** If accommodations to meeting with the Session pose a difficulty, requests may be made to the pastor and reviewed by Session.