Deacon Districts

Deb Bohi
Beth Bonde
Joy and Norm Ellsworth
Lynn Ferino
Margaret and Art Fournier
Barb, Joe and Kyle Kocinski
April and Jim Messmore
Roma and Terry Moye
Lois Stevenson
Julie Storey
Susan and Chris Vanderford and family
Pat Wiedner
Beth Bonde Brian Clary
Scott Clary
Grant Fitzgerald
John Fitzgerald
Karen Fitzgerald
Nick and Jan Kaskovich
Kristin Nimmo
Matthew and Tara Petersen
Diane and Mark Swiss
Joe Welcome
Norm Ellsworth Katie and Tom Cleland and family
Lois Dahlquist
Joe and Nancy Eberhardt
Chad and Sharon Falkman and family
Bobbi and Tom Frey
Lew Garrison
Dorothy Joyner
Glenn Long
Bill and Marie Shepherd
Lynn Ferino Steve and Elise Henkels
Betsy and Floyd Rogers
Paul and Linda Wolf Jeziorski
Ed and Joan Koska
Michael and Melissa Nachman
Blair and Wendy Boden Nelson and family
Sandra and Milton Patch and family
Carol Rapp
Margaret Fournier Tom and Blair Anderson
Deb and Dan Bohi
Raluca Bojor
Sue and Dion Clary
Susan and Alan Galle
Chris and Sara Keith
Mary Lou Kowal
Delmar and Linda Meester
Lanny Russell
Jim and Tricia Smith
Dave and Barb Zink
Barb Kocinski Eric Bulman
Matt and Katie Bulman
Sarah and Matthew Donnelly and family
Denise Johnson
Steve Johnson
Victor King
Terry and Ginny Kline
June Lusk
Michael Luzar
Betty Pitts
Jack Thorne
April Messmore Anita and Michael Alsbury and family
Barb Doppelt
Zee and Scott Eagan and family
Marge Engdahl
Troy and Melissa Hammer and family
Donna Marton
Sandy and Tom Phee
Laura and Thure Ross
John and Marta Sundquist and family
Roma Moye Amie Cantarella
Bill Curry and Gretchen Fleming
Valentine David and Carolina Freeda and family
Kathy and Paul Davidson and family
John and Kim Donham and family
Hal and Linda Ellinghausen
Bell Rajsl
Julie Steele and family
Lois Stevenson Judy Dybas
Mike and Sue Hume and family
Gail and Ted Johnston
Pat Muehl
Roland Lankah
Shari Park
Xris Rahn
Andrea and Parin Schmidt and family
Kathy and Ted Schmidt
Rita and Scott Zapel and Zoe
Julie Storey Paul and Ann Anderson and family
Ron and Janet Birchall
Ric and Betty Eichin
Richard Hurst
Ralph and Caroline Linde
Esther Marcovici
Jessica and Alec Parks and family
John and Alicia Rasnic
Adja and Claudia Sai and family
Sean and Susie Salins and Noah
Grace Van Beveren
Susan Vanderford Craig and Sarah Allen
Bob and Rose Audette
Peter Davidson
Sue Knisely
Steve and Chris Kozich and family
Sandy Lopata
Janey Sarther and Gracie
Ian Van Beveren
Pat Wiedner Cyndy and Ed Buening
Bob Carlson
LeeAnn Clark
Kyle and Mary Clingman
Louanne Jourdan
Carol and Joe McHaley
Peter and Pam Petersen
Larry and Katherine Porter
Barb Seymour
Heidi and Steve Shierry
Marge Steppe
Sandy Royster
Charles and Barbara Warner
John and Susan Washam and Kat
Brian York