Memorial Garden

Memorial Garden Background

In March 2004 the Property Committee, with the support of Session, established a Memorial Garden sub-committee. The charge of that committee was to design and install a Memorial Garden at Southminster Church that would reflect the needs of the church family and provide “an inspirational area that honors members and friends of the church family who have died.”

In April 2004, a landscape architect was hired to come up with a plan for the site that included a Memorial Garden area and a Meditation Area. Jerry Milewski of American Gardens, a noted landscape architect who, among other major projects, does work for the Morton Arboretum, worked with the Property Committee to develop a plan. The Session approved implementation of that plan in November, 2004. After fund-raising, the garden was built in the Spring of 2005.

What is in our garden?

There are three major components of the garden:
The Memorial Patio
The Meditation Area
The Shade Garden

On the Memorial Patio is a fountain area and an area for memorial bricks. The entire area is surrounded by a series of benches, donated in remembrance of loved ones.

The Meditation area holds four large benches, each facing the other. This area is a place to sit and talk with friends or quietly read a book.

The Shade Garden contains low maintenance flowering shrubs

Trees, shrubs, perennials and any other plantings need to conform to the landscaping plan for the Memorial Garden. Donations to the Memorial Garden Fund may be designated for a specific tree or purpose. When possible, the Property Committee will honor those requests when purchasing material for the Memorial Garden.

How can we memorialize our loved ones?

Memorial Bricks / Benches / Trees

The purpose of the Memorial Garden at Southminster Presbyterian Church is to provide an inspirational area that honors members and friends of the church family. It is not intended to exclude anyone. Therefore, anyone who wishes to purchase a brick, a bench or a tree may do so for anyone. The Property Committee will ensure the inscriptions conform to church standards as to content and appropriateness.

The Property Committee receives a request and the funds to purchase a brick, a bench or a tree. A Property Committee representative works with the donor to make sure the inscription conforms to standards. (Examples: name, date of birth and death; In loving memory of name ; name only ; The name Family) Bricks are etched on a yearly basis and placed in the Memorial Patio. A record of the Memorial Bricks and their location in the garden is be kept in the church. Donors will be invited to an annual service held on the patio in memory of those commemorated.

What is the Southminster ashes policy?

Southminster Presbyterian Church will allow the distribution of cremated human remains on the property with the approval of the Session. If interested, please contact the pastor for more information and to initiate the process. The pastor will then forward the distribution request to the Session for final approval.

There is no fee for distribution of ashes. The Church invites those wishing to do so to contribute to the Memorial Garden Fund.

The Church reserves the right to make alterations to the church property as needed.